WE build and conceive a Sponsoring Partnership this way:

it is a communication and promotion activity through which an entity provides support – often of financial nature – to an organisation in order to allow the latter to realise a project. Thanks to this union the sponsor strengthens its name to the eyes of different reference audiences. Sponsorship has a dual nature: it provides the sponsored entity with support and allows the sponsor to enhance its role.

Sponsorship comes from precise strategic needs and meets the promoter’s requirements in their integrated communication programme.

Sponsorship is a form of association between a company and an individual who operates in a given field (from sports to culture and social issues) with the aim of communicating, exploiting the intrinsic values of the chosen universe. These are the cornerstones of sports sponsorship: sport is a universe of values; it works on big numbers; it offers wide opportunities to communicate the effectiveness of a sports sponsorship action; it is directly proportional to its ability to confer the

brand new values; it boosts prestige, reputation, credibility; it encourages penetration towards specific targets. To achieve an effective operation the intervention format must be finalised with creativity, together with a good dose of pragmatism.

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Types of sponsorship

Based on the relationship between sponsor and sponsored body three types of sponsorship can be found: technical,  sectoral, extra sectoral / global.

From technical sponsor …… to global sponsor.

A technical sponsor is defined as the entity providing materials, equipment or services functional to the development of the sponsored activity. Technical sponsorship offers the advantage of not being limited to the presentation of the brand, as it also includes company products.

Sectorial sponsorship refers to companies providing useful contributions to the sponsored activity, though not exclusively devoted to it.

When the sponsor has no direct relation to the sponsored activity but merely provides financial contributions it is called extra-sectorial / global sponsor

Values Consistency

When sponsoring the sponsor’s underlying goal is to increase its prestige in the community in which it operates and get a reputation within a particular type of audience: for this reason choosing carefully the project to be supported is very important. Consistency of values between company/funding body and financed area is decisive to define a satisfactory partnership for both parties. The project partners should be able to share all development phases, also to change – in progress and only if necessary – some operational aspects of the initiative with the aim of improving the end result

Successful communication equals network communication – typical for a community in which people share values, interests and knowledge: Web 2.0 and unconventional marketing are changing the communication field at a social level as well

‘If times are changing, the media used to communicate must change too: advertising leaves the traditional media circuit to go down among the people. Starting from this consideration several alternative techniques to classic media have been created: tribal, guerilla, ambient marketing… these are some of the definitions used when talking about different tools. These techniques meet a principle, i.e. the active involvement of consumers in communication projects less invasive and more pleasant than advertising’. Consumers – or rather neo-consumers – are no longer identified according to defined lifestyles but through consumption moments.

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